December 2018

We are thrilled to share with you our achievements in our mission of creating sustainable businesses, positive impact and job opportunities.


1. Solar Energy Providing Much More Than Light
2. Exciting Mentorship Program with Professionals

3. Mobile Payment Solutions Workshop
4. Our Start-Up Delivering Value!
5. Invitation to a New Entrepreneurship Program: TechBridge Challenge
6. Partnership Announcement
7. Our Expanding Team

Solar Energy Providing Much More Than Light

Not only is solar energy providing electricity to those lacking energy. Not only is solar energy providing light and improves children's ability to do homework. And, not only does solar energy replace pollutive diesel and kerosene. Solar energy also generates income. TechBridge Invest is proud to have invested in building the solar company, SUNami Solar Ltd., with high impact solutions. Take a look at our new video here.

Exciting Mentorship Program with Professionals

We launched our first Mentorship Program in October where we paired eight of our start-ups with two to three mentors to prepare the start-ups for a market roll-out and get investor ready. We are pleased to have a diverse group of mentors with background from law, entrepreneurship, finance, and technology. We are deeply grateful for the mentors' commitment, specialised knowledge and time. To get professional mentors on board, from both Norway and Kenya, indicates that there is both a huge interest and potential in the East-African emerging market.

Financial Due Diligence Training - Nairobi, Kenya: A session on Financial Due Diligence was provided by BDO East-Africa for the mentors to tune in on over Skype.
From left: Frøydis Archer (TechBridge Invest), Sandeep Khapre (BDO East-Africa), Marube Ogega (Burnley & Co.), and Maryanne Akoth (TechBridge Invest)

Pitch and Match-Making - Mombasa, Kenya: Each start-up pitched their idea and gave a demo of their product.

Safaricom Mobile Payment Workshop

Did you know that Africa is the leading continent to integrate financial technology (FinTech) in the society? M-Pesa was launched in 2007, a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and micro financing service. Safaricom, one of Africa’s largest telecom companies, recently introduced a new M-Pesa Application Programming Interface (API), with the purpose of enabling software developers to easily integrate their apps with M-Pesa.


Together with Safaricom, TechBridge Invest Africa was excited to host the M-Pesa workshop at our hub in Mombasa. We invited entrepreneurs and developers to attend a two-day event packed with in-depth training with experienced mentors from Safaricom and TechBridge.


Our Start-Up Delivering Value!

We want to congratulate our start-up, Nupola Technologies, for having their first prototype developed and for their first customer sale! 


Not only has this start-up shown potential for creating jobs, but they have also shown the added value to the society. Security is fundamental for businesses located in areas with a high crime rate. Business owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their premises to avoid trespassing at all cost. Nupola Technologies have developed a security device named "Mulika”, which has real time voice notifications and is integrated with solar power, to make it suitable for small-medium sized enterprises in off-grid areas. The founders of Nupola Technologies, Dennis Onkagi, the product and software director, and Kennedy Muisyo, the market strategy and logistics director, create the perfect synergy to ensure the success of their company.


Invitation to a New Entrepreneurship Program: TechBridge Challenge

TechBridge Invest now invites a new cohort of aspiring entrepreneurs. We are seeking eager, motivated and devoted individuals or groups with a desire to make a change. Are you, or do you know any inventors, entrepreneurs, coders, or someone with an exciting innovative project? This call is for you to realize your full potential as an entrepreneur at the 4th TechBridge Challenge in Mombasa, Kenya.


We encourage you to share this opportunity with anyone relevant in your network.

"When I first met TechBridge Invest, I was just a programmer. Writing codes for fun. Now I am an Entrepreneur. Turning peoples’ and companies’ problems into opportunities.”

Abraham Gaten, Jiji Safi (Smart Waste Management Start-Up)

Partnership Announcement

We are proud and humble to announce our new partnership with BDO East-Africa and McKay Advocates. The two companies are also participating in our Mentorship Program as trainers in the modules. Their extensive specialization in financial

Our Expanding Team

Our mission is to create jobs in East-Africa - also within our company. We have been pleased to welcome two new members to our TechBridge Invest core team in Mombasa, Kenya.

Milton Onyiro, Financial Modeller and Controller

With his extensive experience in the international financial industry, we are very pleased to have such a capacity on-board the team. Mr. Onyiro will be responsible for the financial management procedures, financial projections and assisting the start-ups in reaching their full potential. Mr. Onyiro shares his role and time between TechBridge Invest Africa and our subsidy company SUNami Solar Kenya Ltd.

Sharon Bosibori, Administration and Communication Lead

Ms. Bosibori is a recent communication graduate who will contribute substantially to the start-ups with a form of competence that the software engineers deeply need. She will coach, assist and ensure that communication processes are observed and passed through the right channels at the right time. She will be responsible for administration at the hub, supporting the management in both Kenya and Norway, as well as close follow-ups of our start-up. 

We want to wish you a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year! 

We in TechBridge Invest are both humble and very proud to have earned so much interest from all of you in 2018. In particular, we want to thank each and every one of you mentors and partners, for giving your valuable time, availing your competence and taking part in our journey of developing sustainable businesses that creates much needed jobs.


We appreciate your interest in TechBridge Invest and your engagement in supporting our endeavors of making a difference. 2018 has been an exciting year where we have strived to engage more young innovators, established new partnerships, and reached out to a greater group of people. We are very optimistic about 2019, and are looking forward to continued collaboration and reaching new milestones.


Happy Holidays!