April 2019


Many people talk about it, but we do it! What do we do? We invest in African start-ups. Why? Because Africa has the potential, has aspiring entrepreneurs and promising markets. We do this because we believe that creating jobs and sustainable businesses can make a difference. And not least, because we believe in the potential of the ideas. Read more about the bold moves we are making in this issue of our newsletter.



1) Proud to receive TechBridge investments

2) New ideas and smart solutions to be incubated

3) The Kavli Trust as a new and inspiring partner

4) Kenya´s Norwegian Ambassador visits our Hub

Proud to receive TechBridge investments

31st January 2019 marked the end of a 9-month Incubation program for the 3rd TechBridge Challenge participants. It was a great chance to evaluate our program, give feedback to participants as well as listen to their concluding sentiments about their experience of our incubation program. There were numerous insights shared by our members. They were most grateful about the fact that we do not only train in entrepreneurship and innovation, but also invest. "I never realized that I was capable of way more before I participated in the TechBridge Challenge. It was quite an amazing experience as I got to meet different great young minds with bright ideas. Techbridge Invest is the place where great businesses blossom"  was one comment we received.

Arafat Mukasa is all smiles as he receives his recognition for completing the 2018 Incubation Program.


Out of this cohort, TechBridge is delighted to announce their investment in Nupola Technologies and Brance Technologies who had been working hard, validated the market potential and diligently met all set requirements. Brance Technologies specialize in Face ID, a digital way of identification using face biometrics whereas Nupola Technologies deals in security devices capable of being solar powered and with real-time notification.

Members of the Board with Nupola Technologies after signing the contract



New ideas and smart solutions to be incubated


Digitization of transactions for saving groups, smart home solutions embedded by IOT, fighting corruption in the construction sector, more efficient food production, streamlining value chains for gas distributors and the digitizing of communication between parents and schools; these are some of the exciting new business ideas by start-ups taken up in our incubation program at TechBridge Start-Up Hub in Mombasa. They will receive training in numerous topics by internal and external resources at the Hub, all with the aim of testing they business ideas in the market, and develop an even greater problem-solution fit.

Participants of the TechBridge Challenge 2019

Anticipation for the award session at the finals of the 4th TechBridge Challenge





"Before TechBridge happened, I thought I was the only hard-working youth out here with ideas but TechBridge proved me wrong. It was awesome networking with like-minded people with great ideas. Thanks to the trainings offered I can now work with clear guidelines & become a great entrepreneur.” -  Isaac Raore (Participant of the TechBridge Challenge)




“I believe we have different ideas for different audiences, I believe there is enough space and enough opportunity to create, as there are markets out there.”  - Mariam Zahur

(Participant of the TechBridge Challenge)

The Kavli Trust as a new and inspiring partner

The Kavli Trust supports Norwegian TechBridge's training program to create jobs in Kenya. The program offers practical entrepreneurship training in Mombasa in southern Kenya.

The support gives us the opportunity to provide practical skills to several hundred potential entrepreneurs in Kenya. If we are to achieve the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) related to quality education, increased number of jobs and reduced inequality, partnerships like this are essential. Today's young people in Kenya have to create their own jobs to a large extent, says TechBridge CEO Tone Faugli. For Norwegian speaking readers, you may read more about the partnership here: https://kavlifondet.no/2019/04/stotter-entreprenorskap-i-kenya-for-nye-baerekraftige-bedrifter-og-arbeidsplasser/

The Norwegian Ambassador's Visit to TechBridge Hub, Mombasa

On Friday, 5th of April, Ms. Elin Bergithe Rognlie the Norwegian Ambassador to Kenya made a visit to the TechBridge hub, as part of her official tour of Mombasa County. She was accompanied by Marit Karlsen Brandal, the Director of the Innovation Norway regional office who also serves as the Counsellor of the commercial section, and Mr. Salim Bajaber representative of the Norwegian Counsel in Mombasa. ‘It is a familiar atmosphere here at TechBridge hub. This atmosphere and energy of innovators is the same, whether you are in Norway, or the United States where I previously was posted and was involved  in initiatives to support entrepreneurs, ‘ said Ms. Elin Bergithe Rognlie. We look forward to hosting her again, and sharing our #MombasaInnovators energy!

Ambassador Elin Bergithe and her delegation engaging startups.

We wish you a Happy Easter Holiday.