3rd TechBridge Challenge, 2018. Mombasa, Kenya.

The 3rd TechBridge Challenge will be held in Mombasa, Kenya from February to April 2018. Applications will be open to students, and those graduated, or already established young entrepreneurs in Mombasa County and other parts of the Coast region.  

The challenge: Tell us about your business idea, get training in Business skills, Develop a Minimum Viable Product  (MVP)/ Prototype, validate your idea in the market, pitch your business.

1st Dec, 2017 - 24th Jan, 2018   |
6th - 8th March, 2018   |
3 days: Workshop train on Business Skills. Develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) / plan for your idea.
6 weeks: Get some traction through market surveys, know your customer, one willing buyer or a pre-order.
April 2018   |
(Dates to be announced)   |
2 days: Workshop for training and pitch for seed funding.
April 2018   |
(Dates to be announced)   |
Finals: 3 winners of the challenge awarded with cash prizes, seed funding and 9 month incubation program.

Are you an inventor, maker, entrepreneur, coder, or have an exciting project that you would like to turn into a viable business? TechBridge Challenge 2018 is looking for ideas to start up!

The Mombasa TechBridge Challenge is a program where selected participants learn entrepreneurial skills and learn how to develop innovative ideas from experienced professionals. Our main goal is to find good business ideas and entrepreneurs to start promising new companies.

The selected applicants will participate in two workshops. The first workshop will be held for 4 days in March, 2018. During the six week period after, the selected teams will work on their innovative product ideas using the tools learnt. In April, at the end of the second workshop, the teams shall pitch their idea in front of a jury.

This year, the challenge is to validate your product in the market and include the results of this in your final pitch.

  • Prizes for the winners have a total value of more than KES 1,000,000.
  • Winner: Cash Prize of KES. 30,000, Seed money of KES. 70,000 and 9 months incubation, international mentoring and access to further investment.
  • 1st Runner's Up: Cash Prize of KES. 20,000, Seed money of KES. 50,000 and 9 months incubation, international mentoring and access to further investment.
  • 2nd Runner's Up: Cash prize of KES. 10,000, Seed money of KES. 30,000 and 9 months incubation, international mentoring and access to further investment.
  • Potentially, 2 other winners awarded 9 months incubation program, international mentoring and access to further investment.

The participation is open for current and recently graduated students of universities, colleges, institutions, and other young entrepreneurs with startups within Mombasa, Kilifi, Lamu, Taita-Taveta, Tana River and Kwale. Participation is free of charge.

All information given will be kept confidential, and participants must sign a confidentiality agreement.

The three categories of applicants include:

1. A team with a business idea (maximum 4 people)
2. An aspiring entrepreneur with an idea.
3. Skilled business developer or programmer that will participate in developing product ideas submitted by others.

If you apply under category 2 or 3 you will be with matched with other teams depending on your skills.

This year's TechBridge Challenge will focus on business ideas on the following three themes:

1. Innovative business ideas for coastal resources:
How can the Natural Resources in the Coastal region generate more income; for instance in the coconut and maritime industries?
2. New electronic and IT technology in a Kenyan setting:
How can new technology, such as drones, 3D printing and virtual reality (and others), be used in an innovative way to generate value in Kenya?
3. Digitalisation of businesses:
How can mobile phones and digital tools generate more value, both 'business to business' and 'business to consumer'?

Ideas in these thematic areas, will get a preference in the selection, however all business ideas will be considered.

Please note that your idea must be new, not having received any seed-funding or won competitions anywhere else, and should be a product or service using technology. For further queries please email: techbridgechallenge2018@techbridgeinvest.com or contact Maryanne at the Hub.