For investors

African countries represent growing markets and a huge potential for investors. There is a highly skilled labour force, the level of technology innovation is good, and the potential for leapfrogging is high. At the same time, the risks are many. TechBridge Invest has developed trainings and systems to reduce the risks. Also, we are lead investors taking the initial risks and we offer to co-investors a system of risk sharing and follow up. Further, through collaboration with our local network, we provide a soft landing for your investment. You may read more about what we do here: 

Access to start-ups with a scalable business potential

East-African markets have a considerable growth potential. Populations are growing. Markets are growing. Mobile phone use and mobile payment has exploded and become an asset most people have. Although Smart phones are still uncommon, the mobile market opens up opportunities not only for fancy apps for the middle classes, but opportunities that has real potential to improve people’s lives. The population growth is expected to exceed the pace of energy grid expansion for several decades to come, which means there is a considerable potential for household solar panels. These are only some examples.

Risk reduction through our systems and experience

The founders of TechBridge Invest have long experience in establishing and growing companies in both Norway and East-Africa. Our experience span across establishing & managing companies, software development, fostering high performing teams, recruiting and developing leaders, investments, up-scaling, merging & acquisitions and, not least, cultural understanding.

We have systems for financial management and follow up. We offer to take board positions on investors behalf. Our huge network across East-Africa makes it well equipped to quality assure, check market potential, recruit the best leaders, and having an understanding of the business cultures.

Quality assurance of IPR, software, technology and process is our purview.
— Øyvind Rideng, Chairman