For aspiring entrepreneurs and early start-ups

Training in entrepreneurship

We train aspiring entrepreneurs in marketing, sales, business development, financial management & budgeting, pitching, team building, innovation and more.

Our next program will run from February to April 2019.

Quality assurance of software and technology ideas

Through our experience and international network of software companies, we have the resources to quality assure and assist in software and technology development.

Professional mentoring

We have a pool of mentors ranging from experienced entrepreneurs, software developers, marketing and communication specialists, leaders and coaches. Our team of mentors can offer what an aspiring entrepreneur needs at each stage of developing their start-up.

Incubation centre

In Mombasa, Kenya, we have established an incubator – The TechBridge Start-Up Hub - that offers members a place to work, an active environment, free wifi, access to mentors, networks, coaching, administrative resources, relevant training, seminars and more.

Financial modelling

We work with you to translate your ideas into figures and financial realities. Developing your business model into a financial model will help you make the right choices. We increase your chances of financial success through having the correct model for right choices and by assisting you a financial model that is convincing for investors.