Updated GDPR statement in TechBridge Invest AS  10.04.2019

This privacy policy will explain how our organization store and use the personal information that we collect from you.


Internally in TechBridge Invest we are doing everything to prevent the misuse of any kind of personal information. We are not storing any social security number, ID number or any payment credentials. We store contact information such as: name, company, phone number, address, email address and interests.

How do we collect data

We collect data and process data when you register on our website, email us, give us your business card or are in contact with us through other channels.

Third Parties

We will not sell, trade or by any means hand out your personal information to third parties, if we have not given out any special notification regarding this. The personal information is only used by TechBridge Invest AS, daughter- and sister-companies.  

Why do we store information:

We store your personal information in order to send newsletters, relevant information or to contact you if it is necessary.

What are your data protection rights?

We in TechBridge Invest would like to make sure you are fully aware of all your data protection rights. You are entitled to the following:

The right to access: You have the right to request our company for copies of your personal data.

The right to rectification: You have the right to request that our company correct any information you find inaccurate or complete information you find incompleted

The right to erasure: You have the right to request that TechBridge Invest erase your data.

The right to restrict processing You have the right to request that TechBridge Invest restrict the processing of your personal data.

The right to object to processing:You have the right to object to TechBridge Invest processing of your personal data.

The right to data portability:You have the right to request that TechBridge Invest transfer your data to another organization, or directly to you.

The right to not be exposed to marketing: You have the right to not be included in our newsletter recipients list at any time. You may unsubscribe by pressing the unsubscribe- button in our newsletters or by not accepting our newsletter-consent-request.

Please send an email to for any request regarding the above.


We in TechBridge Invest have internal standard routines when it comes to operating with personal information in our database. All employees have signed the routines. This means to never leave the information open to others, always close programs with personal information after use and never send information to other third parties.