August 2018

We in TechBridge Invest are excited to launch our first newsletter! Our overall objective is to create positive social, economic and environmental impact, and we know you share our objectives. We are proud to share with you our latest achievements in our efforts to create job opportunities, viable companies and a better future.


1. Hackathon with IBM and Kenyan Airways
2. TechBridge Invest Africa Incubator
3. Partnership Announcement
4. Opening Office in Uganda
5. Introduction of Our Core Team

Hackathon with IBM and Kenyan Airways

A hackathon is an arena for tech students to express themselves, advance their technical skills and develop functioning products with support from a professional team. Together with IBM, TechBridge Invest Africa has conducted a technical skill building hackathon. The hackathon program was running form mid-August in Mombasa, Kenya where participants worked intensively to solve real-life corporate challenges provided by Kenyan Airways. The event was met with tremendous interest, and the total number of participants in the training program was more than 160 where IBM provided emerging technology skills using their digital learning platform IBM - Digital Nation Africa (D-NA). The hackathon was an ideal opportunity for the participants to apply  advanced technical skills through knowledge exchange and case solving with guidance from highly experienced mentors from IBM and TechBridge Invest Africa.


"We realised that what we learn in school is not sufficient for real world product development."

- Student

"Thanks a lot for availing this opportunity to us and I am very grateful as I have learnt and got a number of tips concerning designing a system for already existing users."

- Student

"The passing rate for the program's Artificial Intelligence (AI) final exam was the highest passing rate in East-Africa! We are very pleased with that and will arrange a re-examination to give students another chance to succeed."

- IBM East Africa

TechBridge Invest Africa Incubator

We launched our start-up hub in Mombasa, Kenya earlier this year, and by that the first commercial oriented tech hub in Mombasa. Currently, we have 11 start-ups in our incubation program. One of them is post-revenue, the rest are very early stage and keen to learn the practical skills it takes to become a viable business. These talented and devoted youths are developing business concepts addressing the needs in sectors including agriculture, logistics, security, waste management and sharing economy, using advance technology such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, etc.

We are also pleased to welcome Mr. Nickson Chege to our office. Mr. Chege is from Deloitte & Touche East-Africa, and will add substantial value to the Hub with his financial competence. Also, with his enthusiasm for growing start-ups, we are confident we have a very well equipped team in East-Africa. 

Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with IBM Kenya. IBM’s experience with training in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, combined with relevant mentoring gives the students highly needed practical skills. In addition, we are also very proud of our co-operation with Innovation Norway, working together to achieve the objectives identified in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Opening Office in Uganda

Following the success of our TechBridge Start-up Hub in Mombasa, Kenya, we are excited to announce our expansion to Kampala, Uganda. Our Business Development Manager, Ms. Frøydis D. Archer, will head the Kampala office for TechBridge Invest and SUNami Solar. She will be in charge of implementing the pilot SUNami Village EmPOWERING, co-funded by Innovation Norway, and making a strategy for early-phase investment in start-ups. To begin with, we will be operating from the co-working space "Design Hub".

Meet Our Core Team!

The joint team has a long history in the tech and innovation sector. Our team members have managed commercial product development for industry and other institutions in Scandinavia, Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, experience in business strategy, business development, investments, entrepreneurship and innovation management.

Tone Cecilie Faugli, CEO

Ms.Faugli is an experienced leader and mentor, and her past experience includes ten years working for Red Cross, holding positions as Product Manager, Head of Fundraising, and lastly Team Leader for Organizational Development. Previously Ms. Faugli has been with Telenor for seven years, and has experience from banking, shipping and consultancy. She has successfully developed and implemented strategies, launched new products to the market, and not the least built strong and viable teams.

Øyvind Rideng, Chair of Board

Mr. Rideng is an experienced CEO, Chair of Board and Board member, and has a long track record in growing profitable companies. He is now involved in eight companies, mainly in the software technology sector. His expertise areas are investments, leadership and software development. Among the companies Mr. Rideng has been involved in is Systems in Motion, which was founded in 1994 and was developed into one of the world's leading companies in 3D visualisation. 

Frøydis Dybdahl Archer, Business Development Manager

Ms. Archer has extensive project management experience, and has worked in both development aid and private sector. She holds a Masters degree in Development Studies. Ms. Archer has 19 years working experience from Africa, including Kenya, Uganda and Ivory Coast, working both in development aid and private sector. She translates this experience and knowledge into practical solutions for Norwegian investors and partners.

Maryanne Akoth Owino, Incubation Manager

Ms. Owino has an extensive experience in ICT working on projects in over 10 different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and stints at R&D centers in Sweden and Finland. She holds a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. She is passionate about working with the youth and is all about enterprise for growth in Africa.


Nickson Chege, Financial Modeller and Controller

Mr. Chege is an experienced finance professional with several years in accounting, financial reporting, financial management and financial controlling, to mention a few. Mr. Chege holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics), and is currently pursuing the CIMA certification. Beyond work, he is engaged in different social impact projects which includes providing mentorship for high school students.