TechBridge Invest is guided by the principles of triple bottom line to ensure that social, environmental and financial aspects are evaluated for performance.

Please find our TechBridge Results Report 2018 here

Job creation

  • Through searching for the right opportunity

  • Through training, coaching and mentoring

  • Through selective investment decisions

We believe that social and economic transformation happens through creating a value added in profitable businesses and ensuring that as many of its citizens have access to decent jobs.

We believe in the untapped talent of highly educated young people.

We believe that by supporting dedicated, capable and ambitious young people with business ideas and early stage entrepreneurs building their entrepreneurial success, we can have a substantial and lasting effect.

We believe that our experiences in growing successful businesses is valuable for both aspiring entrepreneurs, co-investors and others that want to succeed in East-Africa.

Social and environmental impact

We aim at creating positive social impact through job creation and also through developing affordable products that solves problems for the underserved population.

We aim at having a positive environmental impact through actively searching for and assisting business ideas that reduces emissions, reduces waste or at the least do no harm and minimise environmental impact.

Our start-up portfolio

SUNami Solar offers convenient larger scale solar power solutions to clients in the Coast and Eastern regions of Kenya. The company boasts of a young talented team that works to ensure that solar power is affordable and accessible to communities that are off the national power grid, providing affordable lighting, income generating appliances and power for subsistence use.

mCampus is focused on making learning at tertiary institutions more organised by encouraging student-lecturer interaction. The service also provides a platform for researchers, and students to interact in forums.

Haraaca provides a web-based platform that allows local car rental companies or individuals to list their cars for rent. The platform provides the best prices, great amount of car selection and reduction of risk. Haraaca auto detects the customers location via GPS, and when the customer has selected the type of service and car of preference, a notification is sent for the pick-up station. 

Deep-I (Daylight Project) provides the African market with facial recognition technology for security purposes. The solution is cost efficient and has easy customization to meet the customers’ needs.

SmartSec (Mulika) an electronic device that is capable of detecting intrusion and send real-time voice call alert to the owner. This security system provides basic security to everyone; the less privileged, off-grid areas and big towns through real-time voice call notifications. 

Jiji Safi provides a smart e-garbage monitoring system to reduce the cost of garbage collection and increase satisfaction. The solution provides real-time monitoring of the waste management that is a sensor-driven device, coupled with a software that gives notifications when garbage bins around the city is full. This technology analyzes the most efficient pick-up rout for garbage trucks and optimize the capacity of the bins to eliminate overflow of garbage. 

Torque an electronic controller device that is useful in processing, manufacturing and cooling plant systems. The product protects motors from damage and reduce costs on maintenance overheads for factories. Currently, the product is implemented in tea factories and port locations in Kenya, offering 9 different controllers with different ratings to address the needs of the customer.

Sheddool a scheduling tool for planning and managing events with the aim of networking by posting and sharing scheduled events for free and linking with event service providers.

Solar Egg Incubator is a solar powered digital egg incubator that ensures both hatching and Incubation takes placesimultaneously (thus making the process more efficient).

Salu Fertilizer  Recycles farm waste into fortified organic fertilizer that is affordable and will increase yields

Orion smart Home A home automation device that  controls home devices/ appliances.

M-chota is the first and only customer-centric mobile water solution that is convenient and as easy to use. 

Globalmart works as an online purchase manager which identifies only the qualified sellers, matches them as per customer requirement, helps you negotiate best price and finalize the orders,reducing your time,energy and cost substantially ( a jumia for construction materials)

Fasta Gas- is a mobile application. that provides stock keeping feature for gas distributors to manage their stock, sales and calculate their profits as well as communicate essential parameters for business to their customers in real time. Eg. Change in prices, gas cylinders available in stock etc.

Emerald Galaxy - To remodel the traditional real estate agents model using virtual reality(VR)

Digital salon- Helping customers locate salons and for the salons to get a wider range of customer thus Offering a better marketing platform.

Cs mains- Assemble and manufacture drones locally and make them available to the masses.

Walccs- is a real time monitoring system aimed at reducing water fraud, data inaccuracy as well as inform on pipe bursts and water leakages.

Chip- Mobile and Web based financial management platform

What we want to achieve

We want to create values – for investors and for aspiring entrepreneurs. We want to create values in a socially and environmentally responsible way, to create positive impact. We believe this is possible.

In the coming years, there is a need to create 122 million new jobs in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, only 28% of the workforce is permanently employed with a fixed salary. Access to capital is essential for economic growth, sustainable companies that will last for long and job development. Foreign direct investment (FDI) to lower middle income and the least developed countries is very low; Only 1% of FDI went to least developed countries in 2015.

In addition to capital, there is a need for relevant training in business operations. Most jobs to be generated  in the future will be from the private sector. A study has shown a strong correlation between incubators and GDP growth.

Our experiences have shown that training in market analysis, sales and marketing and financial planning is essential to putting business ideas into action and creating success. A product only represents 10-15% of what is needed to succeed in a market. Getting the right team with the right leadership is also a success factor. The TechBridge Entrepreneurship Program has this holistic approach. Through training in essential business elements and through mentoring by experienced people, the aspiring entrepreneurs acquire knowledge of what is needed to succeed in a market. Through the training program and active advice, the aspiring entrepreneurs will also test their ideas in practice. Real testing in a market with feedback from customers is important for further growth. Read more about our next entrepreneurship program here.

However, knowledge and experience it is not enough. Capital is another key factor. This program ensures that good business ideas get sufficient seed capital to be able to establish a company, develop the product idea and test it in a real market.

With this program, start-up companies gradually strengthen their ability to mobilize their own resources and ensure business operations through commercialization and investment.

Responsible Business Conduct Policy

TechBridge Invest and all companies we invest in have to follow our Responsible Business Conduct Policy. To learn more, download it here.

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